Laz Khanu is an engineering professional whose experience in the aerospace industry over the last 28 years covers aircraft design, quality, product support and performance excellence/improvement (six sigma and lean manufacturing quality tools).
Born in the United Kingdom, and raised in both third world and western world societies, Laz has a wealth of understanding of specific aspects of human nature with different cultures.

The creation of the book “INNER PEACE A Simple Path” was influenced by the occurrence of a few of life’s high stress events, namely, Job Lay-off, Divorce and bereavement. Laz used his professional skills to navigate through the chaos that these events usually bring with them. The tools in the book are a requirement for those struggling through similar events. Laz laid the process out in a very simple way that is easy to follow. He provides insights that force deeper thinking that result in a shift of ideas.

Laz has already helped many readers in the first edition of the book. The 2nd edition includes Power Actions that will help propel readers toward the area of Inner Peace. His next book, which provides the solution for avoiding a nasty divorce, is currently underway and will be published soon.

Laz is a keen fitness fanatic and enjoys listening to and playing music, riding motorcycles, writing and personal development.

Laz’s underlying mission is to provide knowledge that will assist others in making better choices during the occurrence of life’s harsh but necessary lessons. Accomplishment of that promotes INNER PEACE.