INNER PEACE - A Simple Path

How many of you know someone going through one or more of the following events?

  • Death (spouse or close family member)
  • Divorce/Separation (temporary, permanent)
  • Employment (layoff, seeking new employment, business adjustment)
  • Health issues (stress related, poor nutrition, lack of sleep)
  • Finance (less disposable income)

You might, in fact, be facing a few of these yourself. Would you like to know how to address them?

Kid LearnIn school we were taught to read and write initially, then further to extract information from media around us. We could then follow instructions to create experiments, dissect frogs and build things. Those are all things enabling us to address our outside existence. Some of us had great success in those feats. However, we were never really taught how to run the powerful processing computer we have stored internally - Our Minds.

Just like you, I have gone through trials and tribulations during my lifetime. Most people do as these trials are all too common in the world today. In addition, things are in a state of continuous change, some of which might be desired and others, not so desirable.

Trial TribI do not know anyone who does not value peace. I have spoken to many people during various periods in my life and the answer given when asked about the quest for peace was always positive. Even those perpetrators of violence are ultimately seeking peace. Their methods are usually questionable. They have not learned how to address the chaos broiling within. It has been said that you will reflect on the outside, what you are on the inside.

This book INNER PEACE - A Simple Path, will not stop the external events from happening initially. What it will do is provide some options and tools that you can use to address the issues resulting from those events, in a more peaceful way. It will help you reflect on your inner being to bring out the peaceful elements that, when multiplied with those from others, will enhance our consciousness as a collection of human beings living together.

The 2nd edition presents an additional key element, i.e. Power Actions. These are things that you can do right now to step into the world of Inner Peace. Take a look and experience this for yourself.

In my journey, I have come to a realization of simplicity. The simpler I keep things, the better it is. The book lays out a SIMPLE path to follow. For this reason, my goal here is to impart knowledge or assistance that can be used to improve the life or situation of people. If this happens to just ONE PERSON, I have attained my goal.

Safe Travels, My Friend...!

 Laz Sig1