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The “I AM…” Affirmation Magic!

Each and every one of us has some element of internal dialog playing within the confines of our minds. I have sometimes witnessed that cool beat of a song repeating itself, reassuring me that I can dance if I want to. On other occasions, I have conversations with my “other” self about things I should or should not be doing. I wouldn’t lie and say that I have not had the odd argument, but let’s keep that between us for now, ok?I AM

If you try to recall what internal conversations you have had, you might notice that in some cases, there may have been some sort of negative tone about something you should do but cannot, for whatever reason.

When I have had such conversations, I have noticed that there is usually a corresponding contraction of my will to accomplish that task. I have found that I tend to find reasons why I should perhaps delay the start or even conjure up in my mind that mishap that might occur if I went ahead. The ultimate result is that the task does not get done.

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New Years Resolutions!P325

It is that time of year when we wind down our efforts and start getting prepared for the many activities ahead. For some of us, we look forward to planning the holiday feasts with family. Some might be scheduling some travel to visit family somewhere. Others could be looking forward to the break from the daily grind at work or school. There are those that will use this time to reflect on 2016 about to close and figure out what changes they may need to make for the New Year ahead. This pensive approach could be summed up by one word – RESOLUTIONS. Yes, many of us use this time to make some drastic changes in life.

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Choose Your Thoughts Wisely


Do you know that your thoughts are truly powerful?


Your thoughts really create your life. You might be very successful, wealthy, a sports superstar, a celebrity, a successful professional (lawyer, doctor, engineer, CEO etc.) or business owner.


On the other hand you might still be struggling to make ends meet. You might be gainfully employed but it is not what you want to do long term. You might be unemployed, homeless or down in the dumps. You might have everything working against you.


Both scenarios are a direct manifestation of the dominant thoughts you have had in the past. Why is this important? Well let's explore how the mind works.


Thoughts are really mental inputs of stimuli into the mind. The mind comprises of two main entities:


  1. The Conscious entity
  2. The Subconscious entity
The conscious mind gets inputs from the outside world via the five senses, i.e. sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing.