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Choose Your Thoughts Wisely


Do you know that your thoughts are truly powerful?


Your thoughts really create your life. You might be very successful, wealthy, a sports superstar, a celebrity, a successful professional (lawyer, doctor, engineer, CEO etc.) or business owner.


On the other hand you might still be struggling to make ends meet. You might be gainfully employed but it is not what you want to do long term. You might be unemployed, homeless or down in the dumps. You might have everything working against you.


Both scenarios are a direct manifestation of the dominant thoughts you have had in the past. Why is this important? Well let's explore how the mind works.


Thoughts are really mental inputs of stimuli into the mind. The mind comprises of two main entities:


  1. The Conscious entity
  2. The Subconscious entity
The conscious mind gets inputs from the outside world via the five senses, i.e. sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing. These inputs are filtered based on your particular choices or programs which have been resident in your being from a young age. These inputs are then given meaning (via the programing) and handed over to the subconscious mind for storage. The subconscious mind does not process anything. It is a warehouse. It stores the meaning, experiences or vibrations for manifestation through the body.
Emotions are the result of these translated manifestations. Emotions can be classified into positive or negative. Positive emotions include joy, serenity, hope, cheerfulness, confidence, pride, contentment, enjoyment and love to name a few.
Negative emotions include abuse, anger, arrogance, shame, conflict, destitution, depression, fear, insecurity and jealousy to name a few.
The task at hand is to cultivate as many positive emotions and avoid all the negative emotions as often as possible. This can be difficult at times but it is not impossible. There are a few things that you can do to accomplish this:

  1. KNOWLEDGE - become aware that you do not have to know everything. There is no one on this planet that does know everything. Accepting this means that you will have the chance to learn new things. Learning means growth. Growth from learning means progress. Progress means success. Take comfort in this.

  2. FIND THE SILVER LINING - every cloud has a silver lining. If you are able to find that Silver lining in any situation then you have learnt something. If you have had some learning, then that “bad” thing that happened was really beneficial to you and you grew from the experience.

  3. BE THANKFUL - as you grow start to express gratitude in all that is happening. As you do this you will start to change your programming about things and start to see those inputs in a different way; a more POSITIVE way.

  4. FIND PASSION – While this reprogramming is occurring, search for what makes you passionate. Passion can keep you going long after your physical resolve has waned. What can you provide to society that will enhance that which is already present? Do you have a new way to do something? An invention of some sort? Identify that and take the next step.

  5. SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE - teaching is a very productive. First you must learn it and learn it very well (initial realization). Then become competent enough to teach it (secondary realization). By doing this you then cause positive change to occur within your surrounding environment or sphere of influence. Couple this with a potential solution for a need; you can become very a valuable asset.

  6. FEEDBACK - as you share the knowledge and witness the differences, you start feel good about yourself i.e. positive vibrations. This confirms your initial inputs and propels you on your path towards inner peace. Remember that negative emotions and inner peace cannot exist in the same environment.

For more on this check out the book "INNER PEACE A Simple Path".


Safe travels, my friend...!