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The “I AM…” Affirmation Magic!

Each and every one of us has some element of internal dialog playing within the confines of our minds. I have sometimes witnessed that cool beat of a song repeating itself, reassuring me that I can dance if I want to. On other occasions, I have conversations with my “other” self about things I should or should not be doing. I wouldn’t lie and say that I have not had the odd argument, but let’s keep that between us for now, ok?I AM

If you try to recall what internal conversations you have had, you might notice that in some cases, there may have been some sort of negative tone about something you should do but cannot, for whatever reason.

When I have had such conversations, I have noticed that there is usually a corresponding contraction of my will to accomplish that task. I have found that I tend to find reasons why I should perhaps delay the start or even conjure up in my mind that mishap that might occur if I went ahead. The ultimate result is that the task does not get done.

If this is also true for you and many others, then think about all the things that we would potentially accomplish if we got rid of that negative self-talk. Is it really possible to do this? You can find out for yourself by conducting a 30 day test.

Your simple 30 day test.

The words “I AM…” are very powerful. Any words that follow that phrase start to create an atmosphere of that which is being conveyed. The key here is to find the positive words that help you move in the right direction.

You have a choice of words you can select. That selection of words can be positive or negative. Your subconscious mind does not care what you select; it will process the input regardless. So in order to start to create a more positive and desirable outcome, follow the steps below:

  1. Make a decision to conduct this test.
  2. Write down a selection of positive words that you would like to tag after the power phrase “I AM…”
    You can get a very extensive list from
  3. Select a handful of them (no more than 5). Ones that really get your juices flowing.
  4. Write them down. You can code them if you don’t want anyone else to figure out the affirmations.
  5. Place copies in the following places:
    1. Bathroom Mirror
    2. On your bedroom ceiling
    3. Behind your main entry doorway (or the garage door, if use that door to leave for work in the morning)
    4. In your car
    5. On your desk or work station at work
    6. In your gym bag
    7. …where ever else you feel you can place a copy
  6. Think about these affirmations consistently throughout your day.
    The goal here is to create an environment where you are forced to see these affirmations consistently. It is a reminder to think deeply and with emotion about what they mean to you. Habits get formed with constantly repeated actions over a period of time.
  7. Do this for 30 days without fail.
At the end of your 30 day test, a new habit will be formed. You will find yourself unconsciously playing these positive “I AM…” phrases in your mind. There WILL be times when external circumstances may cause you to doubt yourself. People might say hurtful things. In such times of stress or undesirable situations, you will find comfort in these affirmations. Believe that you ARE and you will BE.
Your 30 day test may not end and you will find yourself creating your own affirmations. If this happens, then you will be experiencing the “I AM…” Affirmation Magic.
Tell others of your transformation and the success you have had. Get them to also experience this Magic
Safe travels, my friend...!
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